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In 2014, we increased the salaries in our Assessment, Family Support & LAC teams for Experienced Social Workers (£37,967 to £39,357) and Senior Practitioners (£40,708 to £43,550) and Team Managers (£52,916 to £56,452).

We did this alongside opening our Academy, ensuring low managed caseloads, creating small teams with empowered managers, to attract and retain the finest social workers.

We are committed to creating the best possible environment for people to practice and develop their careers. But don't just take our word for it. If you want the inside track on everything from caseloads to training, please read on to find out more.

Our people

"I've been a
qualified Social Worker
for 12 years and worked
for many different local
authorities. This is the
only place where I haven't
felt that I had to take
work home with me."

Mandy, Intake
& Assessment

Once, everyone here was in your shoes, trying to find the best home for their skills. Find out why they chose Central Bedfordshire.

"The social work is of a high quality and social workers are clear about the role and requirements - good quality supervision is the key component of this." Andrea, Family Support

"There's a positive, supportive and friendly atmosphere within the team." Lesley, Children with Disabilities

Andrew Connor

Social Worker

Intake & Assessment

Jobs and Services

We're growing fast to meet demand. And to keep child-focused at all times, each Service Area has expanded and been significantly restructured so that caseloads are safe and supervision ratios are effective – it's best practice after all.

Organisation Chart

"The changes made
– and being made –
have enabled practice to
be effective and improve
outcomes for children."

Family Support

Newly Qualified Social Workers - Information and to Apply

Social Worker ASYE

Apply here

We are excited to offer opportunities for Newly Qualified Social Workers in Central Bedfordshire Council. We are looking for the best Social Workers to join our progressive teams and offer you the chance to develop and progress your career.

You can apply to join our Social Work Academy, our newly qualified staff have protected caseloads and an extensive training programme in their assessed and supported year of employment (ASYE) as well as increased supervision and the dedicated support of a Senior Practitioner specifically trained to support throughout the ASYE.

We will give you plenty of opportunity to stretch your skills and in return we'll provide plenty of support to help you develop.

We will reopen our advert for new applications for September interviews, mid June.  Please keep a look out for when the advert goes live!  The advert will remain open for applications for approximately 8 weeks.

Access & Assessment - Information and to Apply Enhanced Salaries

"Senior management have recruited more staff and restructured the Teams so we can work more effectively. Recent changes have resulted in lower caseloads. More stability in the teams."

Simon, Intake & Assessment

Access & Assessment Team (Dunstable)

Apply here

 Enhanced Salaries:

Experienced Social Workers (£37,967 to £39,537)

Senior Practitioners (£40,708 to £43,550)

If a child is referred as being in need or to be at risk of significant harm, it's our Intake & Assessment team that gets involved. Our service delivers short-term interventions meeting statutory requirements for assessment, ensuring needs and risks are identified, and, subject to assessments, formulating plans to resolve them.

Family Support - Information and to Apply Enhanced Salaries

"The Service is very committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for children."

Sandeep, Family Support

Family Support Team (Dunstable & Biggleswade)

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 Enhanced Salaries:

Experienced Social Workers (£37,967 to £39,357)

Senior Practitioners (£40,708 to £43,550)

Our Family Support Team help families with the actions set out in child assessment plans. They make sure that resources are accessible and ensure children and young people are safe. Duties are determined by legislation and the success of the intervention depends on co-operation and support from parents, carers and partnership agencies. Target caseloads are 22.

The Intake & Assessment Team and Family Support Team are co-dependent. If we are to avoid delays in case management, smooth transitions between the two are crucial. Our Teams successfully manage this process, ensuring we are all clear and focussed about the intervention: who is managing it and what the expected outcomes are.

"CBC invest in their permanent staff members and appear to value the comments and opinions of frontline workers."

Andrea, Family Support - Quote

Courtwork / Looked After Children - Information and to Apply Enhanced Salaries

"My manager is very thorough, professional and very supportive."

Karen, Looked After Children

To maximise support for Looked After Children (LAC) and their carers, the LAC and Fostering & Adoption teams are being brought together in 2014. We'll be based in the same modern building in a business park.

We work closely with our Children in Care Council to make sure we understand what it is like to be cared for by Central Bedfordshire. We also have our own pledge setting out what we will do to ensure that these children and young people have the very best opportunities that can be provided.

0-12 (Courtwork) Team (Bedford)

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 Enhanced Salaries:

Experienced Social Workers (£37,967 to £39,357)

Senior Practitioners (£40,708 to £43,550)

  • The Team undertake assessments and progress plans as identified within the legal framework including preparation of written evidence; court attendance; attendance at advocate/professional meetings and exploration of extended family including assessments of these at an early stage in proceedings and liaison with legal services. We also deliver long term support to Looked After Children, their families and their primary carers, to ensure that wherever possible they have access to the same life chances as children who remain within their birth families.
  • Providing this long term support requires close partnership with the Fostering and Adoption Staff, Education, Health and numerous voluntary and private sector organisations.
  • Target caseloads are 10.

"It's a large and busy team but everyone is friendly and supportive, the atmosphere in the office is vibrant and there is usually laughter to be heard."

Linda, Looked After Children

13+ Transition and Leaving Care Team (Bedford)

Apply here

 Enhanced Salaries:

Experienced Social Workers (£37,967to £39,357)

Senior Practitioners (£40,708 to £43,550)

  • The team discharges statutory duties under the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2002, to ensure that all young people have on-going support to help with the transition into adulthood, and that they continue to have the opportunities to maximise their life chances. The support is financial, practical and often emotional in its nature. Like all aspects of the service its success depends very much on co-operation and service provision from partner agencies.
  • Target caseloads are 15

"The partnership with the Child & Adolescent Mental Health service is very good."

Beverley, Looked After Children

Children with Disabilities - Information and to Apply

"The Head of Service is truly inspirational in his vision for disabled children and his drive to make services for disabled children in CBC as good as they can possibly be."

Bev, Children with Disabilities

"There's a positive, supportive and friendly atmosphere within the team."

Lesley, Children with Disabilities

"The diversity of families that we work with is what makes practice interesting."

Bev, Children with Disabilities

Children with Disabilities Team - (Biggleswade & Dunstable)

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The Council has invested heavily in our Children with Disabilities Service to enable us to work more closely with colleagues in education and health, and to provide a more integrated local service to families.

Our teams are based at hubs alongside special schools, respite provisions and NHS colleagues. Together they:

  • Undertake Assessment and Care Planning for disabled children and their families.
  • Arrange for parents to take a range of short breaks from caring.
  • Arrange for disabled children and young people to take part in leisure activities.
  • Promote and monitor welfare and safeguarding for disabled children.
  • Help to meet the health needs of the area's children.

Adoption & Fostering - Information and to Apply

In Adoption & Fostering, our Social Workers get a manageable caseload and access to excellent personalised training, so they have every opportunity to make a difference.

To maximise support for Looked After Children (LAC) and their carers, the LAC and Fostering & Adoption teams are being brought together in 2014. We'll be based in the same modern building in a business park.

Fostering Team (Bedford)

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Our Fostering Team recruits and assesses foster carers, to provide short-term, long-term, respite and emergency foster placements. The team supervises and supports approved foster carers; provides a duty service to find foster placements; gives foster carers training and development opportunities; and manages payments to all carers.

Our Team also manages the Council's private fostering duty. This means ensuring the authority is notified of any private fostering arrangements so we can assess them for suitability.

Adoption Team (Bedford)

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The Adoption Service's remit is broad: to recruit adopters for those children with an Adoption Plan; to arrange for a permanent family for those children; to provide support for children and families subject to an Adoption order or Special Guardianship Order; and to give counselling and support to adults who are looking to find out more about their own adoption. We also support birth families who want to know more about the adoption of a birth relative.

Let our people tell you about their Service Areas.

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Central Bedfordshire may not be well known, but it's got plenty to recommend it. If you live outside the area, you may be able to take advantage of the Council's relocation package. You can find out more about that here.

"Parking is free and close to the office." Gill, Intake & Assessment

"The multi-cultural and diverse population is what's best about the area." Andrea, Family Support

"It's a wonderful area
with lovely countryside
and close to towns
and London."

Intake & Assessment

"I love Central Bedfordshire, it has a rural feel whilst being close to some great facilities. Centre Parcs is about to open and this will have a big impact on job opportunities for young people and those who want to work part time. Milton Keynes is on your doorstep for shopping and skiing! The local country parks such as Sharpenhoe Clappers are truly amazing."
Bev, Children with Disabilities

Training & Rewards

"Excellent training, relevant to the role." Gill, Intake & Assessment

Learning & Development

We have access to a broad range of learning and development activities that are designed to suit our needs and those of our team. The Council's L&D programme is constantly evolving (and regularly reviewed) so you'll always benefit from the latest thinking, opportunities and qualifications.

"The training is focused on positive outcomes for the children and families that we work with and also demonstrates that the organisation values staff." Andrea, Family Support

"Social Workers seen by Inspectors report that they are well-managed and supported. They have good access to practical training that helps them to develop their practice, and have appropriate opportunities for continuous professional development." Ofsted, February 2012

Career Progression

At Central Bedfordshire, we have a career progression scheme that's designed to help everyone here reach their potential. It's now being linked to the Professional Capabilities Framework, which means that it will remain up-to-date and relevant in the future. As part of this scheme, the Council encourages unqualified staff to study for further qualifications up to and including degrees. The Council also operates an ASYE and an Early Professional Development programme in conjunction with a local university. If you're a manager, you can achieve diplomas and Masters-level qualifications.

Social Workers have the opportunity to apply for promotion from Social Worker Level 1 to Social Worker Level 2 without changing job roles. Most Senior Practitioner or management vacancies are advertised internally, before being made public.

"There are plenty of
training opportunities
and support to develop
my careers."
Intake & Assessment

"The training that CBC
offers is relevant to my role
in Children's Services and it
has allowed me to gain more
knowledge around the different
aspects of working with children,
families and professionals.
As a result it has helped build
my confidence.

Intake & Assessment

"I have been supported to do a Masters degree alongside my work"
Rachel, Looked after children


The benefits at Central Bedfordshire are extensive. You can find out more by clicking on the links below.

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